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Naomi Nemtzow, Painter

Naomi Nemtzow is a Brooklyn-based painter. She has exhibited at several galleries and shows in the New York City area, including the Bowery Gallery on Wooster Street and the Kentler International Drawing Space on Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn.

The following are examples of her work. Of course, these scans do not do justice to the original works. However, they do exhibit the unique, stylized sensibility of the urban landscape that is a salient characteristic of Ms. Nemtzow's work, particularly the cityscapes. Other subjects she favors include portraits and still lives. Also be sure to visit http://www.bowerygallery.org/nemtzow.html

The artist may be reached at: 1-718-499-6050, or via e-mail at: nnemtzow@poly.edu


Rooftops with Skyline 2002
Oil/Canvas 11" x 14"

Cement Truck 2002
Oil/Canvas 11" x 14"


White awning, 1995, oil, 20" x 26"


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