Melrose Park Photography

by Albert Fried-Cassorla

This page was last updated January 2, 1999

This sylvan scene shows Mill Run in a hidden nook of a park on the north side of Coventry, near the intersection of New 2nd Street. It's very peaceful and pretty there. Still, it smells bad. Let's make sure this mess gets cleaned up! (Stay tuned for news.)

One of my favorite trees at the acme of its brilliance -- the threadleaf Japanese Maple. Several in our neighborhood appear to be on fire for just a few days each fall. Then they drop their leaves in a rush and are all bare!


 Loosestrife in the garden at The Stratford Gallery, mid-summer 1998.


 Potted coleus... ...and hanging baskets, with "Winter Man" outdoor painting by Tom Steigerwald, all at The Stratford Gallery


 Fadin' funkia, in a last gasp of glory.