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Works featured include ASTM, Burpee Seeds, Paul Frederick, PDMA Benny Awards, Shawnee Ski Resort, Summers Labs, Temple University Business Seminars, Thomas Register, and more. Some of the copywriting shown here was written by my colleague, Carole Robinson. Most design work was done by either Nancy Erb or Bruce Lohr.

Fried-Cassorla additional marketing materials

Additional maketing materials visible thorough the above link incclude these clients:



Paul Fredrick


Fashion Bug

The Yachtsman Resort

The Total Mailing System (TTMC)

The Bourse Temple University Business Seminars

Thomas Register

Union Fidelity Life Insurance

American Mail Handlers (AMH) Web Site

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) "Lighten your load!" Direct Mail CD-ROM Promotion

ASTM Web Site - First Re-Design

CIGNA Homeowner's Insurance Direct Mail Kit

CIGNA Ski-Safe Jet Ski Insurance Post Cards

CIGNA Yacht Club Insurance Sales Brochure

Cooper Medical Center Patient Recruitment Letter

DRCS Exhibit Booth

Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. Web Site

Fried-Cassorla Marketing Campaigns for clients index by product or service

GMAC-RFC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation) Home Equity Loan Mailer

International SOS Travel Assistance ID Card

International SOS Trade Show Exhibit Booth

IKEA Catalog Request Mailer

Melrose Park Neighbors Association

MAC Direct Solutions e-newsletter campaign

Merck & Company Clinoril Campaign

Paul Fredrick Catalog Outerwrap (upscale menswear)

Paul Fredrick Menstyle Web Site Enhancements (upscale menswear)

Pennsylvania Hospital Fund-Raising Direct Mail

Pharmaceutical Care Management Association seminar e-mail

PDMA Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association - New Member and Event Ads

Rapid Data Corporation Web site

Sandvik Publishing's Baby's First Book Club "Babies Chewing Books" Mailing

Sandvik Publishing's Books to Grow By Mailing

Scott Paper Company "Winning Hand Kit"

SRS Business Intelligence E-mail Campaign

Summers Laboratories Psoriasis Patient Care Kit

Summers Laboratories Acne Products Web Site

TJS Brokerage & Company, Inc. Web Site

TTMS Colorful Fall Invitation Kit

UNISYS e-profiles

U.S. Pharmacopeia "Physicians' Secret" Direct Mail Kit

Union Fidelity Life Insurance "Caring Partner" Term Life Direct Mail Kit

VerticalNet Media Kit

Vitamin Specialties Company Power Surge Ad

Vitamin Specialties Company Prime-Guard Ad


The following samples of direct marketing projects should give you a flavor of the work of Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. We have produced work in many fields, promoting many products and services. These are just a few of many possible examples.


NOTE: For a full-sized view of any of the samples shown below, click on the thumbnail next to the description. (For downloading purposes, we've listed the final file size to the right of each sample.)



American Mail Handlers (formerly WordTech) Web Site - This firms is a direct mail lettershop and computer services bureau. We are now in the process of rewriting and re-designing their site. Note the use of scrolling text, and a GIF slide show.




ASTM's "Lighten your load!" Direct Mail CD-ROM Promotion

Click HERE see this image much larger and clearer!

ASTM is the American Society for Standards and Materials. This international organization establishes standards for building materials, products, systems and services. Its Standards are used throughout the world.

ASTM sought to increase sales of the CD-ROM version of its 10,000+ standards. Fried-Cassorla Communications developed the 9" x 12" direct mail kit shown here. This package was mailed to selected professionals around the U.S. We developed the "Lighten your load" motif as the most powerful way of interested prospective customers in this time and space-saving product. Humorous cartoon art and personalized copy were employed, in addition to serious, relevant information about why this puchase makes great sense. To add visual involvement, we used an attention-getting diffraction mylar sticker (similar to a hologram).

This direct mail program has succeeded and more than returned the marketing investment made. (Be sure to click on the word HERE above and see this mailer close-up!)


Click on image to enlarge

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM Home Page) first re-design - ASTM is an internationally recognized professional organization which sets standards for construction, design and engineering. We are their principal direct marketing agency. Our latest project is the redesign of their web site. So far, we have redesigned the home page, and the Technical Committees page, and the Store site.
ASTM aspired to a cleaner, more modern and professional look. Also, they sought simplicity of presentation.


ASTM International second re-design

ASTM changed its name ASTM International . Fried-Cassorla Communications completely redesigned the site for improved navigability. Traffic has increased. Also see a more detailed news release about the ASTM web site with further information by clicking HERE.




CIGNA Homeowner's Insurance Direct Mail Kit (136K to download)

CIGNA Companies is one of the world's largest insurance firms. They aimed to expand one market that looked good for future growth -- insuring college students at prestige schools, who would soon become upscale homeowners.

CIGNA asked FCC to create a direct mail package that would win students' attention, create involvement, and lead to their requesting an estimate on homeowner's or apartment dweller's insurance.

Our theme involved students in a playful way in the "perils" of home owning or apartment dwelling. Many other techniques were employed throughout the package to make our offer very attractive.

Creative personalization was used on the envelope, with each student's area of study being featured in the headline. Also, recipients were named "Student of the Month" on the living room wall-hanging shown on the envelope.

This mailer achieved a very high response, delivering many requests for estimates.



CIGNA Ski-Safe Jet Ski Insurance Post Cards


By employing one of our special, personalized cartoons and humorous situations, these 2 post cards reached jet ski owners and sold them coverage they needed.

Click HERE to see a close-up view of the card at the left.

Two cards were mailed in an A/B split test and each performed equally well.

This post card mailer exemplifies our uniquely successful use of personalization, charm and powerful presentation of benefits.

Click HERE to see the addressing side of this post card, shown to the right. It empoloys many stratagems -- all contiributed to its great success in the marketplace. These include:

  • A strong appeal to savings
  • A specific dollar amount of savings promised
  • individual laser personalization of the customer's name in multipler location
  • Beievable frames of reference - actual costs shown for insuring brand-name jet ski's

By using these strategies and techniques, we built credibility. We moved rapidly from credibility to asking for the sale.


CIGNA Yacht Club Insurance Sales Brochure


Click HERE to see a more detailed view of this sensitively rendered cover painting.

When CIGNA 's Property and Casualty Insurance division wanted a new, effective sales brochure, they turned to Fried-Cassorla Communications. We worked closely with senior staff members to sell the coverage's chief benefits.

As part of our creative work, we commissioned a custom illustration (left) done in acrylics by a Denver-based artist. Selections from this art work also helped to illustrate interior pages.


Click HERE to be able to read a selected page from this brochure, and to see the above painting from the CIGNA Maritime Collection.

One of our aims was to show customers that CIGNA had a deep tradition in providing maritime coverage.

Towards that goal, we used paintings and documents from the 200-year old CIGNA Maritime Art Collection.

The resulting brochure we created served as an effective tool for selling this complex insurance package.



Cooper Medical Center Patient Recruitment Letter

This hospital in Camden NJ needed a patient recruitment letter for a new clinical trial program for Telmisartan and Ramipril.

The letter worked, and the client is happy!

According to Patricia NiBlack, who heads up recruitment for the program, "The letter has definitely made our job easier! I review charts and mail them out," says, We've had sign-ups, and we're definitely pleased."

Read the full story and see the text of the letter HERE.


DRCS Exhibit Booth Copy, Concept and Initial Design

Direct Response Computer Services (DRCS) needed a first-ever exhibit booth to promoite trheir services at conferences. They asked Fried-Cassorla Communications to develop graphical and copy ideas to move this project forward.

We wrote copy and incorporated graphic motifs from the best in a series of seven ads we had separtely created for DRCS, inmcluding the striking three-headed dragon shown at the right. And we worked in a fruitful collaboration with the client and the exhibit booth company to assure the project's success.

This tells only part of the story, which is a happy one. Read the FULL story HERE.

See sharper, clearer photos HERE!



Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. Web Site - We wrote all of the site. Now we update the site with such items as news releases, transcripts of meetings of the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association's (PDMA) Database Marketing Council meetings, and more.



GMAC-RFC Home Equity Loan Mailer

Using a combination of powerful creative work, leading-edge print technology, and good old-fashioned direct marketing fundamentals, Fried-Cassorla Communications (FCC) has achieved impressive results for industry leader GMAC-RFC's HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) program.

(GMAC continues below)

The FCC mailer yielded over a 300% improvement in Line of Credit usage than an earlier control mailing. The Fried-Cassorla GMAC-RFC mailer pulled $25.7 million in utilization after 60 days, versus the unsolicited control group's total of only $8.1 million total.

FCC worked with the mortgage finance giant on a digitally personalized full-color self-mailer - a first for GMAC. The objective of this mailing was to convince current Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) owners to expand their coverage as a cost-effective alternative means to paying their tax bills.

 See what Target Marketing had to say about this campaign. Click HERE.

(Click HERE for a more detailed account of this program -- in fact, an honest news release!)

This view shows the back of the self-mailer, which measures 8 1/2" wide x 5" high when folded as shown .


(GMAC continued below)

Click HERE for a more detailed view of the GMAC mailer's interior, featuring a revealing, personalized chart of benefits to the customer.

Also readable will be our powerful response-generating copy.



IKEA Catalog Request Mailer


Back of mailer: Note that "Sample" is custmer's last name. Click HERE for a closer view. Partially opened interior view of the mailer, opened partially to 8" x 11", showing the 3 3/4" drop-down BRC panel. Click HERE for a closer view. Fully opened interior view of the 8" x 14" self-mailer. Click HERE for a closer view. Fully opened exterior view of the 8" x 14" self-mailer. Click HERE for a closer view.

IKEA needed to reduce the number of catalogs it mailed to unresponsive buyers, especially those in areas far away from IKEA stores. Through their production company, Mail Advertising Company, IKEA turned to Fried-Cassorla Communications.

Together, we produced a personalized mailer that was mailed and successfully re-mailed. Where the word "Sample" appears on the self-mailer shown, the customer's family name would appear. Example: "The Smith's guide to a better home is here."

This piece encouraged the recipient to request a catalog -- and also enter a drawing for free merchandise. It produced a response rate of over 20%, which more than met IKEA's marketing objectives. A competing test mailer only delivered 4% response.


International SOS Trade Show Exhibit Booth - We were asked to create a booth that reflected SOS's diverse services. With the help of the client, we wove an intriguing mixture of imagery and words that helped tell SOS's story.

The booth's art work shows up beautifully in photos -- click HERE and see!




International SOS Travel Assistance ID Card and Carrier - International SOS is one of the world's premiere providers of travel assistance services. These range from emergency evacuation to multi-lingual healthcare consultations and beyond.

Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. was asked to create a new ID card and ID Card carrier for use by all covered persons. We offered several appealing ideas, and the one shown at the right, using an evacuation plane image, was chosen. We're glad to say that they were pleased with our work. The new card is in use throughout the world!

 To see our highly graphical Card Carrier, on which this card was mounted, click HERE!

MAC Direct Solutions e-marketing campaign delivers 576% ROI and wins PDMA's Benny Award for Electronic Marketing

The Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association has awarded its Benjamin Franklin Award for Direct Marketing Excellence in Electronic Marketing to Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. (FCC).

The award was given for results achieved by the agency's MAC Direct Solutions e-mail newsletter marketing campaign, which yielded a 576% Return on Investment (ROI).

Challenge: Create a marketing vehicle that would reach clients and prospects, inform them of MAC's capabilities and stimulate more business.

Creative Direction: We developed an e-newsletter that would interest all sub-markets, keep them stimulated, informed and educated about MAC's achievements and varied services.

Results: A 576% ROI was measured by salespeople reporting on customers who read the e-newsletter's stories, were impressed, and then asked for help with new or additional projects.



Each e-newsletter not only sold but helped people with solid information and success stories

For the full story including links, click HERE.

A sample issue may be viewed at:

Stories created for the newsletter over several issues may be found at the e-newsletter's archives:







Melrose Park Neighbors Association - Every neighborhood can be improved -- even the lovely one in which I (Albert) live! See what we're doing to get neighbors involved in beautification, economic development, environmental work, and more. And do check out my nature photos and let me know what you think!





Merck & Company Clinoril Campaign (72K to download)

Click HERE for a closer view and a more detailed account!

Merck & Company turned to Fried-Cassorla Communications to help reduce the anticipated reduction in attrition of sales among leading drugs that would soon come off patent. Attractive offer letters were mailed to clients. Mailers such as the 9" x 12" one for Clinoril used creative personalization, based on prior purchases, in order to generate new appealing terms.

Specific contracts were generated for each customer -- using intense personalization. These efforts produced millions of dollars in sales for MSD, and helped reduce the change-over to generic drugs by wholesalers, hospitals, physicians, and independent pharmacies.


PSC Info Group

This particular newsletter met a marketing challenge to reach the credit industry with relevant content.
E-mails us at for a sample.

Paul Frederick Renewal and other Outerwraps - This leading seller of upscale men's shirts and accessories is noted for its stylish seasonal catalogs.

We created a 4-page, 11" x 17" Renewal Outerwrap targeted at lapsed customers.

A die-cut in the middle of the outerwrap's front cover let the handsome tie show through. (Most outerwraps compeletely obscure color covers.)

The interior spread promoted the Paul Fredrick commitment to quality in believable, detailed terms.

The lift in response successfully returned many old customers and was well worth the marketing effort!

We createdf many other highly successful outerwraps as well, including a Welcome outerwrap for new customers, and a Thank-You wrap for those who made a first purchase. Ask us about these samples!







Paul Fredrick Menstyle - - Paul Fredrick is a major catalog house and Internet site specializing in upscale men's shirts and accessories. As consultants, we suggested various site improvements for ease of use, cross-selling, and other functions.

Pennsylvania Hospital Fund-Raising Direct Mail - Pennsylvania Hospital provides advanced medical care to people in the Philadelphia region. The Annual Fund finances many services that are not covered by other funding sources. Contributions to the Annual Fund had stagnated for several years. Yet this Fund could potentially provide valuable resources at a time when governmental and other funds were declining. Making the challenge more difficult was the rising number of non-profits engaged in fundraising among potential donors. Our mailing had to be especially strong.  

Marketing Strategy: Our approach included three main target markets:

1. prior donors

2. non-donors

3. the hospital's physicians.

We would mail to each segment using a more personalized approach than had been used in the past. We would take advantage of the historic nature of the hospital Our creative strategy emphasized the great heritage of the Hospital, as well as current accomplishments and services. Separate letters addressed the needs of each target market. Graphics showed the warm, caring side of the hospital, and historic buildings, and the Samaritan icon. This icon emphasizes the giving, caring nature of the hospital. The Contributions achieved by this mailing exceeded the previous year's, and the client was very pleased with the results.

Upon request, we can show samples of these fundraising kits to properly qualified individuals.


Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) seminar e-mail - An e-mailed seminar notice written and designed by Fried-Cassorla Communications helped boost attendance at a seminar of the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA). The seminar was part of a conference held in Naples, Florida at the end of October. The session sponsored by a variety of pharma-related companies, including, Anthem Prescriptions, Scrip Solution and Kikaku America International.

The notice developed by Fred-Cassorla hit all of the hot buttons that were available, including exciting speakers, a Free Report on Patient Satisfaction, and all benefits available, gif animations and more. Over 84 people attended the event, a high turn-out that is attributed by clients to the as the e-mailing. "We could tell it was the e-mail that did it, commented Peter Sonnenreich of Kikaku America International. "That's because many people brought it in or faxed it over to us."

The e-mail may be viewed by clicking HERE. - - This site, launched January 1, 2000, is the newest venture of Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. Oriented towards pharmaceutical marketers at major drug manufacturers, this site offers the most detailed information on the web about what works and why. Provides industry news, and in-depth case histories accessed via a paid-subscriber database. Also promoted through the e-newsletter.


Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association - New Member and Event Ads
To help attract new members attendees to PDMA, we developed a series of ads to promote the organizations and specific events. Click HERE to see three of these ads.





Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association Web Site - (early version) We developed the first PDMA web site, now replaced by the site shown. Now, we contribute regularly to the site via news releases, photos and copy. See the Coming Events section, Database Marketing Council events in particular.



Rapid Data Corporation Web site -

This firm is in electronic marketing and high-tech work of many kinds. We often partner with them on various accounts and project.

We wrote the copy for the site, incorporating the nautical motif in our language. The client is very pleased with our copy for the site!


Sandvik Publishing's Baby's First Book Club "Babies Chewing Books" Direct Mail Kit - This mailing successfully used humor on an outer envelope to win sales for this book club for infants and their parents. We believe the results from this mailing were high, and the mailing had a long, successful run.


Sandvik Publishing's "Books to Grow By" Direct Mail Kit - This mailing launched a book club for kids age 2 and up. Action devices, attractive graphics and compelling copy all helped make this package effective.

For selected views of the interior of this package, click HERE.

To receive a more comprehensive sampling, contact us at

This OSE had all of the advantages: an appealing child, powerful freebies, a targeted audience and more.




Scott Paper Company "Winning Hand" Direct Mail Kit

Scott challenged us:

Objective:  Reach C-level corporate property management executives of class-A commercial office space giants.  Persuade them via very potent direct mail to switch to the Scott's brand of Scottfold premium bathroom towels.

Implementation: Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. developed an imaginative "winning hand" campaign, featuring a playing card action device and intense use of personalization. We worked closely with the client to craft a highly appealing offer tailored to the special interests of this market.

Results: Extraordinary. Over 4%, producing the best response ever to this type of campaign. The client was extremely pleased.

Click HERE to see a greatly enlarged view of the mailer shown above.

To see an excerpt of an article about this campaign from the textbook: Business Marketing, Connecting Strategy, Relationships and Learning, 2nd Edition by F. Robert Dwyer and John F. Tanner, Published by McGraw Hill Irwin, click HERE.

This direct mail program ran nationally, and was followed up by outbound telemarketing calls. This program delivered a 28% response in requests for appointments, and the program is being expanded. We managed all phases of the project, including: from initial consulting/brainstorming, market research, creative concepts and layouts, copywriting, design, printing, mailing, portions of outbound telemarketing and database-building.


SRS Business Intelligence E-mail Campaign

SRS Business Intelligence Seminar e-mail campaign - SRS is a business intelligence organization that conducts research and provides training. We created an html e-mail campaign to promote a seminar on Targeted Business Intelligence to execs at Fortune 500 firms. For SRS, we wrote the e-mail, designed it, rented lists and followed through on sending to targeted lists. The client was very pleased with our creative work, and as of this writing results have begiun to come in.




Summers Laboratories Acne Products Web Site


Click on and click on the Acne products site, which we wrote and designed.

This site is scientifically accurate and designed to sell. And sell it has!




Summers Laboratories Good News for Psoriasis Sufferers Patient Care Kit

Summers Laboratories DTC Psoriasis Audiocassette and Booklet - Summers labs envisioned helping psoriasis sufferers with more than a medication.

Using provided materials and a physician's manuscript, we created a helpful Patient Care Kit to meet this need, incuding a booklet and an audio cassette.

Click HERE for the full story and access to larger views of selected pages!


TTMS Colorful Fall Open House Mailer -

TTMS (The Total Mailing System) is a highly varied customer personalization and direct mail production firm. Their specialty is personalized digital color for direct mail and other media, all using the powerful Xerox iGen3 Color Imaging System.

Challenge: Draw a high percentage of potential customers and current customers to a TTMS-sponsored Open House. Delight them, impress them with the new iGen3's capabilities, and deliver more business.

Creative Approach: A colorful invitation package showcasing personalized color, and employing an exciting audio message via voice-chip.

Results: A 100% response rate in terms of acceptance or decline. A 27% attendance rate. New and additional business delivered was worth over $1 mm. ROI was in excess of 1,000%.

To see an expanded view of this innovative package, and to hear the sound chip's message, click HERE. This mailing also won PDMA's results-based Benny Awards in the categories of Technology and Self-Promotion.

To receive a more comprehensive sampling, contact us at

The outer envelope and inner invitation both showcased lovely Fall color scenes. To see an expanded view of this innovative package, and to hear the sound chip's message, click HERE.


TJS Brokerage & Company, Inc. Web Site - For this site, we wrote the copy and suggested the organizational scheme used. TJS is one of our longest-standing clients (since 1988). This site is used by shippers to find reliable, low cost shipping. Independent fleet owners use it to secure profitable loads. We also researched and developed the useful industry links.








U.S. Pharmacopeia "Physicians' Secret" Direct Mail Kit (103K to download)

U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) is world-renowned as standard setters for drug purity. Less well-known was their well researched and easy-to-use drug reference book set, the USP DI.

USP turned to FCC for help in promoting a book to physicians. Using targeted direct mail, which was individualized by physician specialty, this campaign produced a response that was far better than any ever achieved by USP before.

The package featured a "special report" in which each drug category cited on a folder was personalized by the recipient's physician category. Interior materials also were adapted for physician specialties.

This campaign produced a response many times higher than prior mailing campaigns by USP for this product. The USP Physicians Secret Kit won the 1994 Thomas Black Memorial Best of Show Award for Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. The award is given by the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association (PDMA). In addition, it won the PDMA's Benjamin Franklin Award in the Business to Business category.



UNISYS e-profiles - special community web site and success stories


To see these interactive stories, click on


Then enter UNISYS in all-caps.

Or click HERE for a larger static view

of the above page.

UNISYS e-profiles - To meet the needs of the ClearPath mainframe computer user community, Fried-Cassorla Communications developed a series of e-profiles showing how the UNISYS solution works effectively. Each e-profile told a successful story, included many integrated software and hardware solutions. Stories profiled included Brock University, Hilsborough County Sherrif's Department, and Michigan Milk Producers Association.

UNISYS and its partners were very pleased with the lively stories, web slide shows and other aspects of these compelling web pages.

Ask us about our other exciting work on behalf of Unisys!


Union Fidelity Life Insurance Caring Partner Term Life Direct Mail Kit

Click HERE for an enlarged view of the full direct mail package, including close-ups of components.

Marketing Challenge: As a staff copywriter, I was asked to create a term life insurance package which spouses would want to buy to show their concern for their partners.

I developed the product name, Caring Partner. This kit used a warm, humanistic approach and mailed successfully.



VerticalNet Media Kit -
This sample media kit will be adapted for use across all of the 40+ business-to-business sites created and managed by VerticalNet. Our challenge was to write copy that would compel visitors to advertise on VerticalNet and join its communities. We kept the copy lively and action-oriented, with an emphasis on benefits. VerticalNet is the web's leading B2B web site for industry-specific sites.

Vitamin Specialties Company Power Surge Ads

Click HERE for an enlarged view of the ad to the right.

Marketing Challenge: We were asked to create a series of Free Standing Insert (FSI) ads which would identify a profitable initial sale or lead, on which a vitamins-by-mail continuity business could be built.

Creative Position: Our creative position was that the most powerful combined approach would be one that emphasized that


Power Surge Multi-Vitamins are physician-designed -- and that they were now available through an attractive offer.

Results: More than 20% overthe marketing goal. We produced a grid of ads which led to a break-through (Offer C, below) for Vitamin Specialties. Our grid featured these approaches:

A. Offered Power Surge at $1 - produced 1.1% on a single-shot purchase, 500,000
B. Offered Power Surge free sample at $1.50 - Created a great front-end response. 500,000 circ. =.9% response, which covered marketing costs.
C. Offered Power Surge at $1 and customers had to join a club. This delivered a .8% response. Out of 500,000 circ., we got 300 continuity buyers to join. Their one-year value = $100. This amounts to a $30,000 one-year value on marketing expenditure of $1,500.

Because we identified a true winner in Cell C, we laid the basis for a successful continuity business. This is a far more difficult accomplishment than achieving a successful single-shot sale.

Vitamin Specialties Company Prime-Guard Ad

Click HERE for an enlarged view of the ad to the right.

Prime-Guard is a powerful multi-vitamin, sold here via a continuity program.

This ad was designed especially for a veterans' magazine.

The pocket knife prmium helped boost response.


FCC Marketing Campaigns by Product or Service

The following is a selection of examples of products and services promoted by Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc., or by Albert Fried-Cassorla in his work with other companies:

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