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BIOGRAPHY OF: Albert Fried-Cassorla

Playwright and Author

7408 Woodlawn Ave., Melrose Park, PA 19027 U.S.A. Tel: 1-215-635-5189  e-mail: web:


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Born in 1949. Grew up on Long Island. Bachelors from SUNY- Binghamton in 1971, Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Columbia University, 1973. Lived in New York City, Boston, and in Philadelphia since 1975. My writings include plays, books, pamphlets, essays and business publications. Interests are fatherhood, writing of all kinds, running, film and books. Currently president of my own advertising agency, Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc.


PLAYS by Albert Fred-Cassorla


Florals and Nudes  90 minutes  2 males  2 females - This is a play about a painter drawn between two competing woman friends and their different visions of beautiful art.

In October, 2011, we had a very well-received script-in-hand reading of the play at Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park, PA.  Here's just one pic of actress-director Christen Mandracchia and myself.

To read the full script, including a Character List and and Plot Summary, click HERE.

You can also view it on Youtube at: and



Info-Boy! 90 minutes. 3 males, 2 females. Offstage voices: 1 male, 2 females. A middle-aged infomercial executive faces conflicting pressures: the desire to be close to his adult daughter, a drive to make his newest venture succeed, and the passionate attentions of his producer/lover. His latest product is Blues-Blockers. These are ultraviolet powered sunglasses that elevate peoples' moods. Cure or scam? The play lets you decide. Serio-comedy.


FULL SCRIPT - Click here for a pdf of Info-Boy!, version 14.

Invitation to readings, right here. For a special invitation for direct marketers, click here.

Program Book for the August 2007 Script-in-Hand reading. See it in pdf form. Use the rotate tool under "View" to turn the document 180 degrees to see some pages. Hit + to enlarge your view.

A 2007 fine article by Claire Dougherty about Info-Boy!, written in The Ticket, an arts magazine of the Times Chronicle.

A fine article about the play written in The Ticket, an arts magazine of the Times Chronicle.

Check out an article about the play in the Times Chronicle, a suburban PA newspaper

Directions to the Cheltenham Art Center in Cheltenham, PA, site of August 2007 performances

Photos of the actors and audience at the May 8, 2002 Hedgerow Theatre reading! Plus the full song, "Get Your Cool Bluesblockers!"

Enjoy photos of the actors and audience at a PDC reading!

See a detailed description of the play

Check news release (with cute graphic) about a reading of the play

Read an enthusiastic letter written about Info-Boy! by Dugald MacArthur of the Lantern Theatre.




Guerrilla! 1993. 100 minutes. 4 males, 3 females. Offstage voices: 2 males, 1 female. A full length comedy-drama about the visit of a reborn Che Guevara to a modern family, and the mayhem that ensues. Che offers the father of the family a chance to handle the Cuba account in its advertising and propaganda campaign in the U.S. Each family member reacts differently... and the unexpected happens.


The Book Club, 1983. 85 minutes. 4 males, 4 females. A full-length work about four couples in a private book club who come to terms with many questions of living, aging, loving. Presented in a public reading and well received at The Bourse in Philadelphia, through the Play Works Company.


Benefits, 1981. 70 minutes. 1 male, 1 female. A full-length drama about two people who meet on a line for unemployment benefits. An out-of-work African-American ad copywriter and a white woman slowly befriend and help each other. Includes many comedic touches. Performed as a fully staged script in hand production at Theatre Center Philadelphia and at Calvary Church in Germantown, Philadelphia.





Appreciation - See also the July 2022 version shown further below. This is a ten minute play about a couple of 30-year olds out on a jog. 

The Life in A Washing Machine Trilogy: This evening of theater consists of three short plays, using the same central characters. Each of these three plays has been written to stand on its own if necessary. The trilogy comprises:


"Times Two," 25 minutes. 2 males, 2 females. A tumultuous comedy about Helen Midthassel-Kazarnowicz's giving birth to twins under the auspices of a demented obstetrician, who believes that laughter is the only good anesthetic. Performed script in hand at Theatre Center Philadelphia. Read on air on WXPN-FM. 30 minutes.

Read an enthusiastic review of Times Two and Homeowner's Blues from the Philadelphia City Paper!

See Photos from recent performances!

Read the text of Times Two -- © 2003 Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Not available for commercial or community theater use without permission from the author.

An Invitation to Times Two and Homeowner's Blues, to be performed at the NY Cafe Theatre of Germantown in 2003.

Map (hand-drawn!) of the location of the NY Cafe Theatre of Germantown


Appreciation - July 22, 2020 performance!


Appreciation - This short play of mine was performed at the Goat House Creamery in Elkins Park, PA on July 22, 2022. DIRECTOR - Pat Jordan (without whose indispensable work, this play would never had happened. Thanks, Pat!) FRIEDRICH- a man in his 30's - played y Alec Kravitt ANAIS - a woman in her 30's - played by Jacqueline Germer


Mary and the Meaning of Life - 45 minutes

Read the script HERE: MARY play script by AFC

Watch the 2-part video here:

Mary and the Meaning of Life - Part 1

Mary and the Meaning of Life - Part 2


Mary and the Meaning of Life.

This play was performed on the patio in front of Goat House Creamery in Elkins Park,PA in August of 2022. It deals with an aging duo of friends who walk daily and encounter various neighbors and friends, each with a special message about meaning in life.


I had meant this play as a variation and update on the classic play by Thornton Wilder, Our Town. Many thanks to my director the multi-talented Pat Jordan.

See further credits on the youtube entry below the video. Thanks to all who made the 4 plays we staged this past summer possible!




Mary and the Meaning of Life: Alec and Nickolette

Mary and the Meaning of Life: Jill and Jay


Mary and the Meaning of Life: Pat and Albert



Ariadne in Elkins - This short play (35 minutes) tells of a relationship between a modern man and woman, who are meeting for a second date at a food coop in Elkins Park, PA.  His attention span is not what it should be for a nascent love affair.  Two interlopers join them. 

Classic themes are woven into the story, but do not expect a classic drama about Ariadne and Theseus. Rather the theme is hinted at.  Also woven in is the story of Demeter, Persephone and Hades.

              See the news release HERE.

Read the play HERE.

Read director Sasha Allen's bio HERE.

See the early copy of the program book HERE.


Eiffel Trifle  - This is a short play (10 - 15 minutes) about a woman in a restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower.  She is crying as the scene opens.  Her long-term boyfriend has just left her. The maitre de feels sorry for her for more than one reason. He encourages another man to befriend her. Read the text by clicking on the title above.

This play will be performed on August 15, 2014 at White Pines Productions in Elkins Park, PA.

Read the play script HERE!

See a prior production HERE!


Eiffel Trifle - July, 2022 version!

Our cast and director Pat Jordan did a marvelous job of bringing to life what may be my most romantic play.

This play was performed on the sidewalk outside the Goat House Creamery in Elkins Park, PA. Special thanks go to: Pat Jordan, director, Alec Kravitt as Ronaldo and Nicolette Jones as Marguerite.  @The GOAT House  See more of my plays and creative works at:

Reach me at




Does It Quack?  - A game show based on happiness? That's the main premise of this short play (15 minutes) about a TV show featuring guests with various solutions to the question of happiness. 

The wood duck serves as a mascot.  Then Woodie the duck and the audience must decide: Is the offered solution valid?  If so, it quacks. If not, it's back to black" and the lighting goers temporarily dark. Meanwhile, the co-hosts have their own dilemmas!

              Read the play HERE.

Life in a Washing Machine - This is a  50 minute play that continues to explore the over-busy lives of the Midthassel-Kazarnowicz family.  Read the text by clicking on the title.

Short comedy about the Midthassel-Kazarnowicz family and their struggle to find time together - as exacerbated in their home by dueling therapists. This is the third installment in the "Life in a Washing Machine" trilogy. 40 minutes.


"Homeowner's Blues," 30 minutes. Short comedy concerning the efforts of the family Midthassel-Kazarnowicz to buy and rehab a home, while being tormented by realtors and housing inspectors. Enthusiastically received during fully staged script in hand reading at the Walnut Street Studio Theater, and positively reviewed in The Philadelphia City Paper. 30 minutes.

Read an enthusiastic review of Times Two and Homeowner's Blues from the Philadelphia City Paper!

See Photos from recent performances!

Read the script of Homeowner's Blues -- © 2003 Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Not available for commercial or community theater use without permission from the author.

An Invitation to Times Two and Homeowner's Blues, to be performed at the NY Cafe Theatre of Germantown in 2003.

Map (hand-drawn!) of the location of the NY Cafe Theatre of Germantown


Lifestyles of the Flaky and Incompetent, 1986. A short political satire/drama featuring Moammar Khaddafy and Ronald Reagan on terrorism and the family. Read script in hand at Dignity House, Phila. 10 minutes.


The Levity Clinic, 1988. A 7-minute comedy that is a take-off on a sketch by Monty Python called the Argument Clinic. In my play, an "Inquirer" seeks a levity clinic. Instead ghe finds three women, each in turn managing unrelated "departments." These are Brevity, Foolishness and Absurdity.


Marcus Aurelius, Channeled


View this play HERE. And you can read the script HERE. This was a presentation of my play, a short comedy about the Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius. The play was part of a 7 short play event, presented by the Philadelphia Dramatists Free Fringe Festival, September 21- 22, 2019.

It was organized by PDC volunteers, led by the very capable Caitlin Cieri. I had the good fortune to have my play directed by Pat Jordan, an extraordinary talent! An extended video of the entire event will be available soon Check with or Facebook for more info. The actors are:

Director..................Pat Jordan

Marcus Aurelius....Harvey in the Morning

Disciple 1............. Dan Gudema

Disciple 2............. Mike Connor

Playwright......... Albert Fried-Cassorla







The Meaning of Success, 1985. A short comedy about two lovers who are as merchandise-crazed as star-crossed. Runs at a rip-snorting pace for its five to ten crazed minutes. Text includes an imagistic and serious counterpoint play. Performed by the Play Works Company in the Fool's Carnival at The Bourse, and praised in The Philadelphia Inquirer. 30 minutes. A home video of this production is available.



Mimi Nouvelle

This is a short absurd play (14 minutes) about three people who are marooned on Hong Kong Island.

I wrote this very short play for Zoom performance as part of a Philadelphia Dramatists Club “Bakeoff Competition” in August of 2020. Playwrights could choose among several play feature clusters.  Each play cluster had specific ingredients that must be included.

James Jackson made the complex video challrnges work. Thank oyu, James! And also thanks Caitlin Cieri for serving as master zookeeper of this blender-full-of-monkeys.

The ingredients-cluster I chose featured: a fashion designer, Hong Kong, a knitting jamboree, people starving, last food gone, an obsession with getting off the island, and the last bottle of single malt whiskey in the world.





Mimi Nouvelle, Sarah Pardys, a 20-something avatar and influencer who is into High and Strange Fashion. Her voice sounds both computer-generated and somehow spacey and seductive.

Ginger Snap, Sandy Trait, a lively and somewhat vulgar woman, late 20s, with a vigorous soul, who prides herself on being a real empowered female

Hiram Bingham, the discovery of Machu Picchu, who somehow found himself trapped at a combination knitting jamboree and fashion festival

Setting: Inside a stalled tram atop Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Islands, Hong Kong.

Director: The inimitable Ty Edwards, whose energy kept us all alive and motivated!





My TriniDad -  This is a short play about a middle aged white tourist in Barbados, who meets a young Trinidadian girl while treading water in the Caribbean. Her psyche is revealed, and his is challenged. 12 minutes.

Right: Brian McCann and Adrienne Brown reading the roles of Alfred and Roxanne during a reading of My TriniDad at the Elkins Estate, Elkins Park, PA on July 11, 2012.  The event was organized by White Pines Productions. under the auspices of Benjamin Lloyd.

Deborah Block directed and Max Levitch read stage directions.

Read the script by clicking HERE.

See the Youtube video of the event (12 minutes long) at:

           Adrienne Brown reading the role of Roxanne in My TriniDad.  



Sea Glass Ladies

This video presents a public reading of my play, Sea Glass Ladies.  This past summer, I worked on it extensively with the help of director Deborah Block and Benjamin Lloyd, though the auspices of Whitepines Productions.

A public reading was held on July 11, 2012 at the Elkins Estate.  The play is about a tourist-accountant-performance artist (Anthony, played with verve by Brian McCann), the a 20-something sea glass collector (Rachel, saucily played by Mariah Rose Butler) and her 50-something Aunt Millie (alluringly depicted by Sonja Robson.) In the course of the 40 minute play, they get to know each others' backgrounds and ambitions.

Much flirting goes on, capped by something else that happens at the end (not to be revealed), and singing and dancing. My special thanks go to all involved in this successful reading, including: Deborah Block, Brian McBride, Mariah Rose Butler, Sonja Robson and Max Levitch, who read the stage directions.  Hearing my work read aloud by these talented people was a special pleasure!

If you would like to read the script of my play, please click HERE.

 The event was organized by White Pines Productions. under the auspices of Benjamin Lloyd.

See the Youtube video of the event (39 minutes long) at:  

Right: Above, left to right: Mariah Rose Butler as RACHEL, Brian McCann as ANTHONY, and Sonja Robson as MILLIE.


           Benjamin Lloyd introduces Sea Glass Ladies as Maria looks on.                    Maria (RACHEL) and Brian (ANTHONY) react to para-sailors taking a spill!

Nails of Love, 1996. A short play concerning a romantic but lonely venture capitalist, Marvin, who hopes to meet the woman of his dreams. He takes up roost at MochaBrains a Center City Philadelphia cafe. There he fixes on Alice (a.k.a. Eloise). How he approaches her, and the budding romance that ensues is the stuff of the story. 14 pages.


Psych Brats, 1985. A full length comedy about a university psychologist and his students trying to discover G.A.P., Guaranteed Attractive Power -- a love potion. Involves romantic conflicts, love-maddened gorillas, music, and more. Read script in hand at the Painted Bride Arts Center.


Two Harolds,  (2013 version) - A short play about two elderly gentlemen named Harold, who meet on a Florida bound airplane. One Harold is poor and black, the other rich and white. They discover each others' wonders and weaknesses. 25 minutes, recently revised and improved!

Two Johns will play Two Harolds!  John Colgan-Davis (left) and John Cameron will bring the play to life at the Mermaid Inn.

To read the script, click here:  Two Harolds script

To see a news release about the July 16, 2013 performance, click here: Two Harolds News Release


Two Harolds - July 22, 2022 Performance

Two Harolds,  (2022 version) - Performed at Goat House Creamery, 2022, as part of Albert Play Fest! Likewise, this is the same short play about two elderly gentlemen named Harold, who meet on a Florida bound airplane. One Harold is poor and black, the other rich and white. They discover each others' wonders and weaknesses. 25 minutes, recently revised and improved!




What Women Really Want, 1987. A short comedy about women's inner desires...and how they are confounded and interpreted by men. 10 minutes.




Click for:

The Autobiographies of Betty and Lou Cassorla, 1920 -1948,

as told to Albert Fried-Cassorla - A biography of Albert's parents, a 175-page book on the web, complete with many family photographs and family trees.





Click for:

Betty Cassorla's Sephardic Food Recipes!

This collection of memorabilia and recipes includes (page numbers):

1. an introductory letter from my Betty dated April 12, 2004

2. A sweet note from Louis Cassorla, her husband, to someone named Larry. It is written with style and enthusiasm!

3. photo of my Mom's kitchen, fully prepared

4. Betty presiding over the ingredients, ready to cook!

5-6.  Passover pastel de carne

7 - 8. Spinach Pie (Fritada)

9 - 10. Tadalikoos - Sephardic cookies

11 - 12. Borrekas background or history - desayuno, turnovers with varied fillings

13 - 14. Borrekas recipe

15. Boomwellos sweet honey, eggs and matzoh meal pastries










The Autobiographies of Elsie Maier and Stanley Fried

Joint autobiograpies, which resulted from my interviews. A very rewarding experience fore me -- getting to know two wonderful people even better.


Albert Fried-Cassorla's Autobiography

This account will jump around. I'll write about periods as the spirit moves me. It may seem egotistical to write one's autobiography and publish it on the net. But then, my attitude is that most people have a story to tell... including me. Moreover, I enjoy telling the stories. The question is: Can I make it interesting enough for you? Let me know.

1949-1967 - Born in Brooklyn, playing stickball, rooting for the Dodgers, moving to Bellmore, Long Island. Encountering the world of endless lawn-mowing, dirt bomb wars, and other unnatural experiences, W.C. Mepham High School, and more.

1967-1971 - The unbelievably great experience of attending Harpur College, SUNY-Binghamton, Binghamton, NY. (A very brief account so far.)

1972 - 1985 - This period in my life included moving to New York City, attending Columbia University, living in Greenwich Village and on the Upper West Side, meeting Louie Gzinterman, two years spent in Cambridge, MA; moving to Philadelphia, and the birth of our amazing twins!

1986-1987 - My period at Roska Direct Marketing. Fun with colleagues. Cute pix of us cutting up!



Sophie and Avrahm Cassorla's Biographies

These are stories about my father's parents and their friends. Right now, this collection includes stories compiled by Adele Runyan (nee Baruch), my cousin. They tell of life among Separdic Jews of Turkey, Greece and Yugoslavia, both in the old countries and here in te New York City area. Some of these stories go back as far as 1910. Thanks, Adele!

Some day I hope to supplement this with screen captures and transcripts of my 1979 one-hour bio film covering similar ground, called The Grandma Movie.



"The Ultimate Skateboard Book," 1989. Published by Running Press. The most up-to-date and complete book on skateboarding in the world. Includes stunts, ramps, and a history of skateboarding. 40,000 sold to date.


"The Skateboarder's Bible," 1979. Published by Running Press. A trade paperback on all facets of the sport, with photos. Sold 20,000 copies.


"Imagination That Sells: Pharmaceutical Database Marketing," 2nd Edition published 1995. Published by Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. A handbook for marketers in the OTC and prescription drug markets. 205 pages.


"In-Line Skating: The Ultimate How-To Guide," Published March, 1995, by Prima Publishing. A complete guide to the sport, for beginners and advanced participants.




I wrote these poems at various time in my life, some going back as far as the 1960's. No summaries are needed because they are short enough, and because... good poetry cannot be summarized! I hope you enjoy them. If you like, HERE is a brief poet's bio....


A Boy To Kiss, A Girl To Toss - Lines written when my children were very young, but with a sense of appreciation I still feel today.

As He Breathed - A poem in memory of Milton Kessler, poet and my poetry teacher at Harpur College. He passed away in the Spring of 2000.

Carpe That Diem - Life goes by too quickly. True. But what can we do? Grab it!

Cart of Life

Cat Drama - This poem is based on a scene I witnessed at the Hotel Raleigh in the Catskills in May of 1999. There I was with some old people sitting on benches. A cat strolled by. Suddenly, we heard a terrible squeal...




Dignified Passenger - The elderly gent sitting next to you on the subway may be enjoying the ride, the scenery, and the passengers. Or...


Empty Nest, Full Life - When our children left home for college, it was not one of life's easier passages. Still, you can find wisdom there. This poem starts sentimentally, but I do not think it ends that way. In fact, I dare to hope it will be a tonic for other parents. August 21, 2000.



Ever - This poem was written in reaction to the World Trade Center attack. But do not look for direct descriptions of the event. It is a more personal reflection. September 12, 2001

Flanagan on Lexington - I attended a jazz concert with my son -- we caught the Tommy Flanagan Trio at the Jazz Standard on Manhattan's East Side. Loved it! Here's how my fingers tapped the palmtop keyboard between and upside the notes...

Fluid Funeral - A macabre poem about a car crash. The animated graphic I've added is Dali-esque and cool! In fact, it's rather insane and probably overshadows the poem. What do you think? I published this poem in Black America Magazine in the mid-1970's, when I was editor.

Joyous Circle - A reverie about children, play, fleeting moments, restorative appreciation... just to name a few!

Joyous Circle

NYC Trip Poems

Roethke of the Raleigh - While spending a raucous weekend at the Raleigh Hotel in the Catskills, I broke away for a solitary walk in the woods. This is a memory of those moments.

Theodore Roethke is a poet with a special affinity for nature, and whose work I admire.


A Single Rose - This poem is all about seizing the moment.... June 16, 2016

The link above will take you to a printable, one-page version!


Sixers - Why I Care! - Any true fan will understand my enthusiasm for the Philadelphia 76ers circa 2000. Just substitute your favorite team and year!

Summer - This is a kind of dreamy report poem, inspired by a concert by the Edguardo Citron Latin Quartet, which played at Curtis Arboretum, Cheltenham, PA in the summer of 1999.

The Dangling Lead - A reflective, Fall verse.



Two Things I Saw Today

What do you make of the sights you see in everyday life? Walking? Jogging? Here's what I saw one day, and what I thought about it. 6-10-02



Walking in the Snow With You

Have you enjoyed the snow beneath your feet, and felt the great silence?



These are self-originated, me-myself-I riddles. They may be lame, but hey....their mine! (first column only)

Originals by Albert:
 Other favorites:  Other favorites:
 Mesopotamia  French Kitchen  
 Pharaoh  Two Electrons  








So far, I have only one story posted, as you can see. Perhaps others will follow.

Love on Wheels - This tale was to be a part of my book, In-Line Skating: The Ultimate How-To Guide by Prima Publishing, 1995. But at the last minute it got nixed. Said an editor: "What's that thing called? Sex on Wheels?"




Selby's Soiree - This is a tale of a widower who feels his wife's influence upon him as he struggle to make a new life for himself.






Our Jack-o-Lantern Song for Thanksgiving!

My Dad, Lou Cassorla, used to lead us in singing this song every Thanksgiving.   So now, I will teach it to you. My hope is that you will try learning it (catchy!) and add it to your T-giving traditions.  I cannot find the origins of this tune...but let's enjoy it nonetheless.  Let me know if I am being irredeemably silly! (yes!)

    My rendition is HERE.

    And the song sheet is HERE.






I'm just an amateur, but I enjoy what I shoot. Maybe you will, too!




A Memory in
Photographs and Words of Our Trip,
December 24 - 31, 2007

by Albert Fried-Cassorla

Last updated 12-26-07. Your thoughts? Send them to

Hope you enjoy the journey and that these photos make you want to make the trip yourself!


Cape May, New Jersey - About 45 minutes south of Atlantic City is this oasis of Victorian architecture, fine food, B&B's, and bird sanctuaries. A great place for a getaway that I've enjoyed.

Here are just a few shots, mainly of homes.




A record of our trip in 2018!


Cranberry bogging - Those red veggies, in glorious local color!


France, 2013!

A Memory in Words, Photos and Videos of our trip to Paris, Giverny, Arles, Avignon, Sts. Maries de la Mer and La Camargue


July 2 - 12, 2013

Your thoughts?

Send them to



A Memory in Words, Photos and Videos of

Our trip to Athens, Siros and Santorini


June 25 July 5, 2010

Your thoughts? Send them to


 Grounds for Sculpture

A few photographs I have taken of the fabulous sculpture garden in Hamilton, New Jersey. Click HERE.

Your thoughts? Send them to




Rome, Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii

 and more!


Italy Trip Diary, 1999

(added 2-2-21)

Venice, Siena, Florence, and Benedetta and Alesandro Naldi



Your thoughts? Send them to


The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts - This is a just-built, striking new home for the Philadelphia Orchestra and other arts organizations!

A $260 million structure, this building gives our orchestra a fabuous new home. The architecture is an expereince in itself, and the music makes it world-class.

Come enjoy the great views!


Korean Market Tour

My take in photos on our fascinating Asian market. This page includes exotic foods and bemused neighbors on our annual Melrose Park Asian Market Tour!

Beware of the amazing Mugari!

Melrose Park - Scenes from the neighborhood, taken with an affectionate eye.


Mexico! - This is an account with photos of our trip with Singing City Choir to Mexico in June-July of 2019. We visited Mexico City including Teotichuan pyraminds, Queretero, Guadajara and other places. The choir showed Mexicans (and us) that we would not allow them to be made into villains. And we built a unity between our people based on music!


New York City!

In addition to the special NY sections below, these are a handful of my favorite shots of the great metropolis. Includes: Carnegie Hall, Central Park Lake, a Chelsea scene, and more




American Museum of the Moving Image

A fun movie museum in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Click above to see sample photos, but beware of an extremely ghoulish Linda Blair, from the Exorcist!

Almost as ugly is Dustin Hoffman as Little Big Man.

Observations on the Rose Center - This article and photo-essay is in the form of a letter to Professor David Helfand, a dynamic professor of astronomy at Columbia University. We had to good fortune to hear him speak, and I promised to write him with some of my observations on an upcoming trip to the new Rose Center of the Hayden Plaentarium, part of the American Museum of Natural History. The gorgeous photos I took steal the show, in my humble opinion!

New York State

Truly a state apart from New York City. Here I give you very few scenes. Bu I hope you will agree they are choice ones! See:

  • Wantagh harbor
  • Lake Keuka, a finger lake
  • Watkins Glen

...and more

 Photos :

Niagara Falls!

To say that Niagara Falls is beautiful, splendid and a force of nature is to say the obvious.

But to visit the Falls and feel the power and beauty for yourself -- well, that is an experience everyone should enjoy. So you can and should go. Meanwhile...

Here is one of the next best things to being there: PHOTOS from our trip!


 Ocean City, New Jersey

A few photographs by Albert Fried-Cassorla

Created August, 2006

Your thoughts? Send them to

  Philadelphia - Here are some of my views of this city, captured in several years' worth of selected photos. This batch of photos concentrates on Boathouse Row, Vets Stadium, the Rose Tattoo restaurant and more.In other words, an eclectic batch!


Wildwood, NJ! - Here are a few choice photos of this town of 50-foot tall, burger-hawking women and insane roller-coaster rides!

I took the pictures in the off-season, September...a time of lassitude, summer's frenzy gone, but reminders persisting, taking a break.

I did climb up and take a bite of that burger... fiberglass-flavored!

Soccer - Kids in action, yours and mine.


Spring! Lovely shots of flowers, mainly taken in Melrose Park over several years. Included are azaleas, irises, clematis and more.


Summer beauty!

Colors can be extreme, gossamer, other-worldly.

Let me show you!

Fall! Colors abound, beauty found.....

The Fall has always been amazing in Melrose Park, PA. Let me show you some lovely examples!



Argentina - Photos and an account of a magnificent business trip and vacation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. April, 2001.

Art Reviews - Thoughts on exhibits and museums.


Book Comments - updated 12-16-20



  "Friends, Romans, countrymen... lend me your ear. And word of a good book to read I will share!

Concert Reviews - Such an esthete. Oy! More opinions. But I do like music of many kinds.

Cranberry bogging - Those red veggies, in glorious local color... with my commentary.

Dance Comments - Noche Flamenca and more.



A Visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Home on December 27, 2003

by Albert Fried-Cassorla

I loved my visit to Fallingwater. And I think that if you like great and imaginative architecture, you will too!

For photos and words click HERE!

For a National Space Toilet - My humble suggestion for a solution to the problem of excess funding for social programs.


Glacier National Park - What a wonderful journey we had! This may end up on one of your must-do trip lists.

Here is a record of a visit to this national park in Montana in July, 2004 with many photos


Hebe and Herakles Pyxis - This is a summary of a talk I gave at the Penn Museum of the University of Pennsylvania on an ancient Greek vases called a Pyxis.

Hebe and Herakles youtube video - Here is a link to the video I made of my May 8, 2019 talk.




Movie Reviews - What I like and don't in flicks I've seen.

Observations on the Rose Center - This article is in the form of a letter to Professor David Helfand, a dynamic professor of astronomy at Columbia University. We had to good fortune to hear him speak, and I promised to write him with some of my observations on an upcoming trip to the new Rose Center of the Hayden Plaentarium, part of the American Museum of Natural History. The gorgeous photos I took steal the show, in my humble opinion!



Philosophical Reflections

By Albert Fried-Cassorla

This page last updated 1-1-04

These pages are part of what I hope will be a lifelong continuation of an adventure. Philosophy can give added meaning to life. I enjoyed studying it in college. Now, I am returning to it. With a friend, I recently began a study of the history of Philosophy - not an in-depth study, but an overview of various thinkers, with special emphasis on those who seemed important, relevant or interesting.



Philosophical Essays by Albert Fried-Cassorla

The Meanings of Life by Albert Fried-Cassorla

John Locke - His Philosophy of Human Nature by Albert Fried-Cassorla V2 6-18-18

A Brief Introduction to Aesthetics by Albert Fried-Cassorla 1-26-18

Quantum Physics - some Key Aspects by Albert Fried-Cassorla 8-12-21


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Mary Wollstonecraft - an appreciation of a pioneering feminist thinker


How Stoicism can be helpful to depressed progressives



Play Comments- Evenings at the theater in Philadelphia and New York!


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U.S Virgin Islands

A Visit to the Virgin Islands

by Albert Fried-Cassorla
The Virgin Islands have been called "the American Paradise." After our recent visit, I'd have to say: Seems so!

We had a lovely 10-day journey to St., Thjomas, with an excursion to St., John via ferry. The sights were splendid. Planneed right, it can be as vigoous o relaxing as you'd like. Here's my story...

Under the Undergraduate - Written in April, 1967 at age 17, this shows how I was thinking about the process of applying to college. It covers the interminable waiting, interview tips and more.


 A Visit to WRTI-FM, Temple U's radio station

the Classical and Jazz Beacon of Philly

by Albert Fried-Cassorla
I enjoyed taking my advertising class for a visit to Temple's WRTI-FM radio station. To view pictures and for a description of the trip, click HERE!