The Autobiographies of
Betty and Louis Cassorla

as told to Albert Fried-Cassorla
Copyright 1999-2001 Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc.

Last updated: 7-8-10

Dear Friends,

Here it is, about a year after I first completed the autobiography through the late 1940's. Actually shaping this document into a set of web pages was a daunting enterprise. I finally found a way to do it without spending a hundred years on re-laying out everything I did in Word into html. So here 'tis at last!... This biography is my tribute to my parents' lives. I hope you enjoy it!

Albert Fried-Cassorla

Chapters and Sections:

Introduction - Albert highlights some key aspects of the 170-page saga, and why he loved writing it. All of which helps explain that maniacal grin!
  Camhi, Eli and Cassorla Family Trees - Includes David Camhi Family Tree (oldest known generation); Mazalto Eli (Camhi) Family Tree; Chaim Camhi Family Tree; Betty and Lou Cassorla's family. (Note that the full Cassorla and Passo family Trees are covered separately in Lous Cassorla's section farther into the biography.)
  Betty's Ancestors and her history Through Age 2. Where Betty's parents came from, how she lived on the Lower East Side, crises and more.

Betty ages 3 through Age 11. Living on the Lower East Side. Playing with brother Jack. Learning of her mother's diabetes. Being taught how to sew at age 6. ... Moving up the the luxury of steam heat in New Lots! Smashing through a window.... Dancing flapper girls.... Banging my head on a lock... Getting a new photograph.... Mazalto becomes "Meeldred"!... Sister Sally meets her future husband David Angel.
Betty from Ages 9 through 22 (1934-1944) Thrashed by the infamous teacher, Mrs. Kreegan....Mazalto fights for her daughter...Almost drowning in Woodside, NY... New Lots and Coney Island days...Uncle Joseph’s Crazy Dance... Shipwreck Kelly wants to date Mom, she declines, and he bends a fence!... First meeting Louis Cassorla, her future husband... Working for Natty Hore's Sportswear... Falling between the tracks....Sarika is born... Sarika dies...Grandmother Manah... Beautiful sister Esther... Sister Sally meets Dave Angel...Meeting the Cassorla family....Visiting Lou with his Mom, Sophie, at Fort Dix... Sewing and working in the early 1940's...Lou and Betty hug, 1942 (great shot!)...Caught smooching on the Army Base...

Lou Cassorla's Autobiography: From his birth on the Lower East Side in 1920, through adventures with friends Callie, Moishe Copio, brothers and sisters Joe, Morris, Molly and Bessy... stealing plastic collar stays and selling them on the street... Getting their own winter coats stoeln and being scared to death about their parents' finding out... Adventures with teen-age girls in high school.... Meeting Betty Camhi... Horse riding with Betty's brother Jack...The day their Plymouth broke down in the Lincoln Tunnel...Army adventures, including the time when inexperienced radio engineer Lou was solely responsible for helping dozens of bombers land... and much more!
Betty and Lou's Joint Biographies, 1944 and Beyond: Getting married on a shoestring... The honeymoon in Woodbridge, New Jersey....Living in Charleston, NC at the air corps base... Betty enters a beauty contest on the base and nearly wins!...Encounters with officers... Dad befriends an Afro-American man whom he feels has not been treated well... Forklifting with Mom... Leaving Charleston...Working during the post-war years... Getting discharged... Returning to Brooklyn and 732 Alabama Avenue... Working as a salesman... Starting Casbro (Cassorla Brothers) Sportswear in the late 1940's...The birth of first son Albert in 1949 and more.

"A Traditional Passover -- With A Difference" is an article about my Mom's cooking and Sephardic traditions appeared in a local Long island weekly called Bellmore Life on April 19, 1967. Last updated (tweaked!) January 20, 2001.
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