Grounds for Sculpture

A few photographs I have taken of the fabulous sculpture garden in Hamilton, New Jersey

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Grounds for Sculpture is a wonderful sculpture park near Trenton, New Jersey. It has a unique approach to presenting the sculptures, in which groupings are often totally separated from others and create their own miniature world-within-a-world. I especially liked the walk-in French Impressionist paintings by Seward Johnson, which are a great crowd pleaser. For your visit, I would choose a pretty day, one that is not too hot, where you can walk around and feel comfortable for two or three hours. Be sure to pick up a grounds map with sculptures identified by number. You have to search for some of the best ones!

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Afternoon of the Boating Party. This is a walk-in scene from Auguste Renoir's famous painting, as interpreted by the sculptor Seward Johnson.


Breadliners by George Segal. Those who are not drab green are living people!


Albert with a sculpture by Red Grooms. The sculpture shows the head of sculptor George Moore. What looks like me lying down is actually a wax figurine made of me on the spot by Mr. Grooms. He works rather quickly.


Chihuly sculptures. The great glass sculptor has a building dedicated to his work.

Couple. I believe this is a Seward Johnson version of a French impressionist painting, but I do not know the details.

Le Dejourner. Once again, this is a walk-in scene from a French impressionist painting, as interpreted by the sculptor Seward Johnson.


Flowers growing near the restaurant on the grounds.

Steamy Lady (my title, do not know sculptor). The lake has a permanent mist on it made by misting machines. What a poetic effect!


Lady and boy on a hill (my title, do not know sculptor). This scene is very magical to stumble upon. The flowers on the grass are artificial. No one is allowed to walk on this hill. One of my favorite scenes from this wonderful place!