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 Attendees at the January 2001 meeting, which brought out over 40 neighbors.


Melrose Park is a beautiful neighborhood within Cheltenham Township, just north of the City of Philadelphia. The area has beautiful homes, excellent schools, and (best of all!) friendly neighbors.

To see just a few of the lovely sights that will greet your eyes on a walk around our neighborhood, be sure to click on Melrose park Photos below.

Over the past year or so, neighbors have been gathering to explore ways of making life in our area even more rewarding. This has been done through meetings of the Melrose Park Neighbors Association. Over the course of several meetings, our interests have broadened. This is reflected in the list below.


We're able to take on as many activities as we have people and energy for. So far, that's quite a lot! Flowers have been hung at Melrose Park Train Station, and the water of Mill Run has become somewhat cleaner. The SEPTA station is undergoing a full rehab. Those items have great stories behind them.

So explore our site, see the nature photos, check out our cool History section (be sure to click on the "here" link), and come to our next meeting! Signing up for our e-mail notifications is the best way of staying informed.


Board of Directors

Albert Fried-Cassorla, president; Andy Rudin, first vice president; Jim Muldoon, secretary, Michael Shechtman, treasurer; and Phil Kates

Also see:

Melrose Park nature photos

The next meeting of our group will soon be scheduled.

Contact us to get on our e-mailing list, or attend our meetings.

Be a part of your neighborhood! All are welcomed!


Contact: Call or e-mail: Albert at 635-5189, albert@fried-cas.com - or Andy at 635-5450, andrewrudin@earthlink.net



 Joyce Chin and Andy Rudin

 Debbie and Dave Posmontier


 Albert Fried-Cassorla


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