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This page was last update on January 4, 2021

This page relects my interests in Philosophy. It also reflects the interests and activities of the Melrose Park Philosophy Club, which I co-founded approximately in the year 2,000. I hope to add various sub-topics as time permits. Thank you for reading or for adding comments and suggestions! Reach me at Thank you!

Albert Fried-Cassorla January 3, 2021


Causality and Science

"The related topics of causation and hypotheses can be complicated. To provide something eminently manageable, I'd suggest the following:

First, reading ONLY item #4 (on pages 5 and 6) of the following document:
(To be sure, interested readers are welcome to read the rest of the document.)

Second, read the following abstract:
What is important in this abstract is ONLY to understand the problem that the author is proposing to solve. I don't think it's necessary to fuss that much with his proposed solution (the last part of the abstract).


Science - Philosophy of Science

As a general introduction to Philosophy of Science, I (Albert) recommend the following:

Video - Philosophy of science in fifteen minutes - by Mark Pallen -

Text - For a lengthy but good article on the subjects, try wikipedia.

To search for particular national belioefs about science, or by individual philosophers, refer to:

The following materials and links pertain to a planned meeting of our Philosophy Club to be led by Dr. Justin Kaplan. As I write this, the meeting is set for February 17, 2021 via Zoom.

Science Denial

This is from an email from Justin:

"The FIRST part of this email is a response to requests for information for preparation for the session.

"Here are a few things that interested people can read in advance. I have tried to be highly selective, so that these materials require only a brief amount of time.

"For the topic of countering science denial, I like the following: