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A Single Rose

This poem is all about seizing the moment.... June 16, 2016
The link above will take you to a printable, one-page version!

All I have is a single rose,
when others have fifty-three.
Theirs hang in ample red cascades
but my one is good enough for me.
Perfection may -- or may not -- exist in eternity,
but it lives here in this moment,
in this singularity.
Some say "perfect" is a terrible notion,
an illusory potion - designed to distract us from what really matters.
They tear at its immediate glory and leave beauty lying there -- in tatters.
But I say This moment of turquoise blue sky,
and fragrant, dry, cool air - don't miss the catbird singing
on this day so impossibly fair!
My single rose - what can it do for you today?
Just sniff it before you go on your way.
It will give you a moment, snatched from the welter of time --
might spin you around, turn your life on a dime!
So seize the day - I insist you do!
It's time to carpe that diem, before the diem carpes you!


—— Albert Fried-Cassorla, June 16, 2016 

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