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About Albert Fried-Cassorla

Welcome to my digital home. I am Albert Fried-Cassorla, a multi-faceted professional with a passion for writing, photography, philosophy and marketing. This website serves as a testament to my past business endeavors and a legacy site. You will find here a showcase of my work in various fields, as well as my thoughts and reflections on the fields I have worked in.

Feel free to explore the diverse range of topics featured on this website, spanning from my photography projects and stage performances to my marketing campaigns and philosophical musings.

More about Albert

I have been writing for most of my adult life, on and off, usually prioritizing playwriting but also poetry and other forms. In the field of poetry, I was a Finalist in the Montogomery County Poet Laureate Contest. Currently, I teach at Temple University’s Olli Institute, presenting a course entitled Milestones in World Culture. You re welcomed to enroll at I have also taught English at Gwynedd Mercy University, the Philadelphia School District and at 2101 Cooperative. My plays have been read or performed in the Philly area. My books have been published by Running Press and Prima Publishing. Because of my special interest in philosophy, I founded the Philadelphia Philosophy Club over 20 years ago. I believe I can honestly say that I am someone who truly enjoys life and people! More info about my works may be found throughout this web site and by searching
for Fried-Cassorla. Do explore the many sections of the site using the buttons at the top of the page, the drop-down menus and the site search engine. I also encourage you to contact me via this site’s contact form. I hope you enjoy my works, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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