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CIGNA Homeowner's Insurance Direct Mail Kit


CIGNA Companies is one of the world's largest insurance firms. They aimed to expand one market that looked good for future growth -- insuring college students at prestige schools, who would soon become upscale homeowners.

CIGNA asked FCC to create a direct mail package that would win students' attention, create involvement, and lead to their requesting an estimate on homeowner's or apartment dweller's insurance.

Our theme involved students in a playful way in the "perils" of home owning or apartment dwelling. Many other techniques were employed throughout the package to make our offer very attractive.

Creative personalization was used on the envelope, with each student's area of study being featured in the headline. Also, recipients were named "Student of the Month" on the living room wall-hanging shown on the envelope.

This mailer achieved a very high response, delivering many requests for estimates.

CIGNA Yacht Club Insurance Sales Brochure

When CIGNA 's Property and Casualty Insurance division wanted a new, effective sales brochure, they turned to Fried-Cassorla Communications. We worked closely with senior staff members to sell the coverage's chief benefits.

As part of our creative work, we commissioned a custom illustration (left) done in acrylics by a Denver-based artist. Selections from this art work also helped to illustrate interior pages.

CIGNA yacht club
CIGNA yacht club

One of our aims was to show customers that CIGNA had a deep tradition in providing maritime coverage.

Towards that goal, we used paintings and documents from the 200-year old CIGNA Maritime Art Collection.

The resulting brochure we created served as an effective tool for selling this complex insurance package.

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