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Mimi Nouvelle

This is a short absurd play (14 minutes) about three people who are marooned on Hong Kong Island.

I wrote this very short play for Zoom performance as part of a Philadelphia Dramatists Club “Bakeoff Competition” in August of 2020. Playwrights could choose among several play feature clusters.  Each play cluster had specific ingredients that must be included.

James Jackson made the complex video challrnges work. Thank oyu, James! And also thanks Caitlin Cieri for serving as master zookeeper of this blender-full-of-monkeys.

The ingredients-cluster I chose featured: a fashion designer, Hong Kong, a knitting jamboree, people starving, last food gone, an obsession with getting off the island, and the last bottle of single malt whiskey in the world.


Mimi Nouvelle, Sarah Pardys, a 20-something avatar and influencer who is into High and Strange Fashion. Her voice sounds both computer-generated and somehow spacey and seductive.

Ginger Snap, Sandy Trait, a lively and somewhat vulgar woman, late 20s, with a vigorous soul, who prides herself on being a real empowered female

Hiram Bingham, the discovery of Machu Picchu, who somehow found himself trapped at a combination knitting jamboree and fashion festival

Setting: Inside a stalled tram atop Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Islands, Hong Kong.

Director: The inimitable Ty Edwards, whose energy kept us all alive and motivated!

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