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More Plays

1993. 100 minutes. 4 males, 3 females. Offstage voices: 2 males, 1 female. A full length comedy-drama about the visit of a reborn Che Guevara to a modern family, and the mayhem that ensues. Che offers the father of the family a chance to handle the Cuba account in its advertising and propaganda campaign in the U.S. Each family member reacts differently... and the unexpected happens.
The Book Club
1983. 85 minutes. 4 males, 4 females. A full-length work about four couples in a private book club who come to terms with many questions of living, aging, loving. Presented in a public reading and well received at The Bourse in Philadelphia, through the Play Works Company.
1981. 70 minutes. 1 male, 1 female. A full-length drama about two people who meet on a line for unemployment benefits. An out-of-work African-American ad copywriter and a white woman slowly befriend and help each other. Includes many comedic touches. Performed as a fully staged script in hand production at Theatre Center Philadelphia and at Calvary Church in Germantown, Philadelphia.
Lifestyles of the Flaky and Incompetent
1986. A short political satire/drama featuring Moammar Khaddafy and Ronald Reagan on terrorism and the family. Read script in hand at Dignity House, Phila. 10 minutes.
The Levity Clinic, 
1988. A 7-minute comedy that is a take-off on a sketch by Monty Python called the Argument Clinic. In my play, an "Inquirer" seeks a levity clinic. Instead ghe finds three women, each in turn managing unrelated "departments." These are Brevity, Foolishness and Absurdity.
The Meaning of Success,
1985. A short comedy about two lovers who are as merchandise-crazed as star-crossed. Runs at a rip-snorting pace for its five to ten crazed minutes. Text includes an imagistic and serious counterpoint play. Performed by the Play Works Company in the Fool's Carnival at The Bourse, and praised in The Philadelphia Inquirer. 30 minutes. A home video of this production is available.
Nails of Love,
1996. A short play concerning a romantic but lonely venture capitalist, Marvin, who hopes to meet the woman of his dreams. He takes up roost at MochaBrains a Center City Philadelphia cafe. There he fixes on Alice (a.k.a. Eloise). How he approaches her, and the budding romance that ensues is the stuff of the story. 14 pages.
Psych Brats,
1985. A full length comedy about a university psychologist and his students trying to discover G.A.P., Guaranteed Attractive Power -- a love potion. Involves romantic conflicts, love-maddened gorillas, music, and more. Read script in hand at the Painted Bride Arts Center.
What Women Really Want,
1987. A short comedy about women's inner desires...and how they are confounded and interpreted by men. 10 minutes.
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