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Sea Glass Ladies

This video presents a public reading of my play, Sea Glass Ladies.  This past summer, I worked on it extensively with the help of director Deborah Block and Benjamin Lloyd, though the auspices of Whitepines Productions.

A public reading was held on July 11, 2012 at the Elkins Estate.  The play is about a tourist-accountant-performance artist (Anthony, played with verve by Brian McCann), the a 20-something sea glass collector (Rachel, saucily played by Mariah Rose Butler) and her 50-something Aunt Millie (alluringly depicted by Sonja Robson.) In the course of the 40 minute play, they get to know each others' backgrounds and ambitions.

Much flirting goes on, capped by something else that happens at the end (not to be revealed), and singing and dancing. My special thanks go to all involved in this successful reading, including: Deborah Block, Brian McBride, Mariah Rose Butler, Sonja Robson and Max Levitch, who read the stage directions.  Hearing my work read aloud by these talented people was a special pleasure!


 The event was organized by White Pines Productions, under the auspices of Benjamin Lloyd.

left to right: Mariah Rose Butler as RACHEL, Brian McCann as ANTHONY, and Sonja Robson as MILLIE.


 Benjamin Lloyd introduces Sea Glass Ladies as Maria looks on. 


 Maria (RACHEL) and Brian (ANTHONY) react to para-sailors taking a spill!

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