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90 minutes. 3 males, 2 females. Offstage voices: 1 male, 2 females. A middle-aged infomercial executive faces conflicting pressures: the desire to be close to his adult daughter, a drive to make his newest venture succeed, and the passionate attentions of his producer/lover. His latest product is Blues-Blockers. These are ultraviolet powered sunglasses that elevate peoples' moods. Cure or scam? The play lets you decide. Serio-comedy.

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View program book for the August 2007 Script-in-Hand reading.

See a detailed description of the play

Article from The Montgomery County Times Chronicle's The Ticket arts supplement, August 8-9, 2007. by Claire Dougherty about Info-Boy!, written in The Ticket, an arts magazine of the Times Chronicle.






































The fine article about the play written in The Ticket, an arts magazine of the Times Chronicle.















Check out an article about the play in the Times Chronicle, a suburban PA newspaper






































Info-Boy! actors did a great job. The rainbow-hued glasses shown are part of the show -- and actors and audience alike wear them and participate. The Hedgerow takes its readings seriously, even in an evening of serious fun! Shows above are (l. to r. top) Zoran Kovcic, who played Phil, the main character; Tom, who played Jerry, a neophyte infomercial-maker; Kasey Yarnall (with darker hair), who acted as Kari, Phil's demanding daughter; and Hattie Wesleyk, who played Stephanie, the sexy co-host of the show and Phil's amour and co-producer. Not shown is James Cries, who did a fine job as Japanese businessman Jerry Tsai. "Look Japansese, " Zoran requested. James complied!


























Info-audience gets its world-view shifted! Whoa! These glasses alter reality during the show, physically and philosophically.








Actors in the reading of Info-Boy! by Albert Fried-Cassorla, held at Philadelphia Dramatists Center on June 21, 1998. Standing, left to right: Sam Reynolds as Jerry; Ann Blymire as Stephanie; Rodney Gray as as Phil Manzone (the Info-Boy). Seated, left to right: Hugh Choi as Kenny Tsai; Elena Zublake as Kari Manzone. Congrats, friends, you made it all come to life!

THE AUDIENCE at intermission. See yourself? Yes, truly there were fans among the fans. The day was hot... but the audience seemed to enjoy the play and gave me, the playwright, many helpful suggestions. Thank you!

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